Monday, July 11, 2011

Cinderella's Royal Table

One Character breakfast that I would recommend getting the first reservation of the morning for is Cinderella's Royal Table. Getting the chance to dine in the castle is a special experience and by being in the first group you guarantee that you won't have to sit and wait for a table. Let me tell you all about our experience.

Arriving at Magic Kingdom early is a special treat because as you walk down Main Street you get the opportunity to take photos with very few people around. It's a very unique chance because how often are you there with so few people? It's really beautiful.
We stopped and asked a Cast Member to take our picture in front of the castle as PhotoPass photographers were not working yet. I also got a picture in front of the Partners statue.  

We arrived at the castle where I was also able to get some great pictures of the mosaic on the interior walls and the Prince Charming's Regal Carousel while it was not moving. We then checked in and were given our Royal Invitation. Soon after we were called to have our picture taken with Cinderella. Cinderella asked me if I found my prince by losing my glass slipper!

We then climbed the royal staircase and were seated at our table. There were three plated options for breakfast. Fruit and pastries were at the table. Breakfast was good but I, even as an adult, was more excited by the castle and the princesses.

Not long after we were seated the princesses began arriving. First, we met Snow White. She was lovely. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty stopped by next. One of my favorite princesses, Ariel, was our next visitor. Our final princess was Belle. She made a comment about it being our anniversary (we were wearing our buttons) and said it was a great accomplishment.

Jim had been given a sword and I had been given a wand. We each had wishing stars. We were given directions to follow to make a wish on our star. With that, breakfast was over.

It was magical and an experience I'm glad we did. If you're wondering if it's worth 2 credits on the dining plan, keep in mind that both the photo with Cinderella is included and the gratuity was also included. 

Aurora and me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

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